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Community Asthma Program - HARP

CAP provides paediatric asthma education after hospital discharge or on referral. GPs or family members can self-refer. Home or community-based visits are conducted by asthma educators with specific paediatric nursing or other allied health backgrounds. CAP provides asthma self-management education and can assist in developing a written asthma action plan for claiming the MBS item Asthma Cycle of Care.

Partnerships for Children - HARP
Generally for ages up to 18 years with a diagnosis of chronic asthma. The community asthma educators are available to see patients Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Educators can visit patients in their home, at your practice or in the clients home. Limited afterhours appointments are also available.

Local Community Health Centres often have Community Paediatricians, Dietitians, family counselors, social workers and child psychologists that could assist. Southern Health, Northern HARP, Western HARP and Peninsula Health also offer support for Peadiatric Asthma patients in their local catchments.

Some families may prefer a private referral - please see online link of paediatricians across Victorian who accept private referrals.

Estimated Wait

 2-4 weeks (from receipt of referral to date of apt for non-urgent referral)

Triage staff may reassign your referral to a clinic with a shorter waiting time where appropriate. Please make a note on your referral if this is not suitable.

More comprehensive referrals are usually seen more quickly. Please provide as much detail as possible on presenting complaint, pre-referral management, outcomes, investigations and results.

Online Resources



Please complete one of these referral forms and fax to:  (03) 9345 6231.

  • VSRF (Victorian Statewide Referral Form)
  • RCH Referral form online
  • Urgent referral? Please also call the CAP Intake team on (03) 9345 5295.
  • Need clinical advice pre-referral? Please call RCH switchboard on (03) 9345 5522 and ask for the relevant on-call registrar or consultant.
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