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Rabies Serology Camera Icon
Rapid Plasma Reagin  
Rare Genetic Test Performed by VCGS  
RAST Camera Icon
RAST to Jumper Ant IgE Camera Icon
RBC Peroxidation  
RC Enzymes  
Red Cell Antibodies (RBC antibodies)  
Red Cell Enzyme Screen Camera Icon
Red Cell Folate (RCF) Camera Icon
Red Cell Genotype (DNA analysis of blood group genes)  
Red Cell Magnesium Camera Icon
Red Cell Membrane Disorder Screening Test (RCMD) Camera Icon
Red Cell Nucleic Acid Detection Genotyping  
Red Cell Phenotype  
Red Cell Zinc Camera Icon
Reducing Substances - Urine  
Reducing Substances, Faeces Camera Icon
Renal Function Tests (RFT) Camera Icon
Renal Stone Analysis - Calculus  
Renin Direct Camera Icon
Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening (For CF, FXS, SMA)  
Reptilase Time Camera Icon
Respiratory Burst (Neutrophils)  
Respiratory Chain Enzymes  
Respiratory Chain Enzymes - Fibroblasts  
Respiratory Chain Enzymes - Storage  
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) - Virology  
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Serology Camera Icon
Respiratory Virus Nucleic Acid Detection (Flu A, B, Parainfluenza 1,2,3; Human metapneumovirus; RSV) Camera Icon
RET Gene Analysis  
Ret Proto-Oncogene (MEN2) Camera Icon
Reticulin AB's  
Reticulocyte Count Camera Icon
Reticulocyte count - Fetus Camera Icon
Retinoblastoma (RB1) gene sequencing Camera Icon
Retroviral Disease viral load  
Reverse T3 Camera Icon
RF / RA  
Rh Blood group genotype  
Rhabdoid tumor mutation screen - INI1  
Rhesus Phenotype - Adult Camera Icon
Rhesus Phenotype - Baby Camera Icon
Rheumatoid Factor Camera Icon
Rhinovirus PCR  
RiboP Antibodies  
Rickettsia Serology Camera Icon
Rickettsial PCR  
Ristocetin Cofactor  
Roseola infantum  
Ross River Virus Camera Icon
Rotavirus - Faeces Camera Icon
Rotavirus CLIA - faeces  
Rotavirus PCR - CSF  
Rotavirus PCR - Faeces  
Rubella Antibodies IgG & IgM Camera Icon
Rubella Nucleic Acid Detection  
RUNX1/RUNX1T1 Mutation Camera Icon
Russell Silver Syndrome (11p15) Camera Icon