Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered here, contact the Library, or Ask a Librarian.

How do I find out which database to use for my search?

Can you get me this article I'm looking for?

Sure we can, but have you tried searching the journals database first? The article you want may be available for download immediately.

If you don't find what you want there, then you can submit a Document Delivery request. There is a small charge per item, and we'll have your article within a couple of days (or sometimes on the same day).

Does the Library have copies of EndNote available for install?

Yes! Come to the Library front desk and ask to borrow the disk (or contact us if you don't have a disk drive). Available for PC and Mac. Requires a valid Library card. Join the Library now.

Does the Library subscribe to UpToDate?

Funding to the Library for our subscription was discontinued; we no longer have access to UpToDate. See databases for access to similar content, or contact us for search help. You might find some useful information on our Fact Sheet no.7: Finding evidence-based clinical information.

How do I access databases or online journals from off site?

Sign up for an OpenAthens remote access account.

I can't remember my OpenAthens username; how can I log in?

Use the email address you signed up with, along with your password, to log in. You will find your username in the original activation email you received after registering, or contact us and we will retrieve it for you.

I can't remember my OpenAthens password; can you tell me what it is?

We can't see your password, for security and privacy reasons. You can reset your password, or contact us and we will send you a new activation email.

I got an OpenAthens error: "This account has been deactivated"; what should I do?

Usually this means that the account was not activated within 30 days of registering. Contact us and we'll send you a new activation email.

I'm trying to access a journal using OpenAthens; why won't it give me access?

You can only access journals that the Library subscribes to, not to every journal that offers an OpenAthens sign-in point. Always check the journals database to see what we have access to. If you don't find it there, we don't have direct access. Use our Document Delivery service to order items not held by the Library.

Where is the Library?

West building, Level 1, part of the Health Education and Learning Precinct (HELP). Access via the stairs in Main Street or take the yellow lifts.

Does the Library have any Open Access publishing agreements?

How do I access the Library after hours?

Access is swipe only at all times. Enter and exit at the front or rear doors. Items must not be removed from the Library after hours.

Can I print, photocopy, and scan in the Library?

Yes. Charges apply for printing and photocopying; scanning to email is free. You need either a department PIN, or use the "Create a personal printing account" icon on the desktop of every Library computer to set up a personal account. Top up your personal account with a credit card by using the "Top up your printing account" icon on the dektop of every Library computer. Ask Library staff for more details.

Can I get help with a literature search?

The Library offers research support to campus staff and students.

You can book in for a Library training session, see how to choose the right database for your search to get started on your own, or contact us to discuss your specific search requirements.

Which databases does the Library have access to?

See the full list of databases and get access to journal references, evidence-based literature, and drug information. Also see how to choose the right database for your search.

See Fact Sheet no.1: Databases and planning a search for more information about database content and a sample search to get you started.

How do I get the full title of an abbreviated journal?

For Health-Sciences journals type the abbreviated title into the PubMed Journals database. For other disciplines, try All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources.

How do I get journal articles or books that the Library doesn't have?

Have you checked our journals database or the catalogue? We might already have access to what you're looking for. If we don't have the item(s) you want, use our Document Delivery service to make a request.

My books are overdue; how do I renew them?

Renew online by logging into the catalogue with your Library card barcode, or contact us.

How do I order a book or journal for my department to buy?

How do I suggest a book for the Library to buy?

Contact us with suggestions or feedback about the Library collection.

Do you have any online books?

We do! See all online books in the catalogue. Hard copy books on the Library shelves have stickers to indicate when an online version is also available. Remote access is via OpenAthens.

See more information about online books and searching the catalogue.

Who can join the Library?

How many items can I borrow and for how long?

Staff (and some long-term students): up to 10 items, for four weeks, with two renewals (unless another patron places a Hold on the item).

Medical students: up to six items, for two weeks, with two renewals (unless another patron places a Hold on the item).

How do I renew my Library card?

How do I get items from the Historical Collection?

These items are only available during business hours. Ask at the Library desk for access.

Does the Library keep hard copy newspapers?

We no longer keep newspapers.

Do we have access to Read by QxMD or Browzine?

Yes we have both! See how to get institutional access for Read and Browzine.

Does the Library have a refund policy?