Document Delivery

Use this service to order articles, book chapters, or books not held at the Library. Charges apply for all Document Delivery services.


You must be registered to use this service.

Either register in person at the Library, or download the registration form (1 page), then:

  1. Print the form.
  2. Read the user agreement.
  3. Complete only the section "To be completed by the User".
  4. Return the completed form to the Library.
  5. Wait to be issued with a USERNAME and SECURITY NUMBER (within one business day).


Journal article or book chapter

  • Non-urgent: $10.00 per item (typically received within 1 - 4 working days)
  • Urgent: $30.00 per item (typically received within 48 hours, Mon - Fri)
Important: If an "Urgent" order cannot be fulfilled by an Australian supplier the Library reserves the right to use commercial suppliers to obtain the item from overseas. In this event we cannot guarantee delivery within 48 hours (Mon - Fri), but the $30 charge will still apply to cover costs.

Book loan

  • $30.00 per item (typically received within 1 - 2 weeks)

How to order

Our Document Delivery online forms have been retired.

The item you want may already be held at the Library in print or online.

Check the journals list or check the catalogue for books before placing requests.

Make your request

  1. Send an email to, with the subject line "Document Delivery request".
  2. Include your USERNAME and SECURITY NUMBER as provided to you upon Registration.
  3. State your preferred payment method: cash, cost centre, or invoice.
  4. Provide details of the requested item. This may include:
    • journal or book title
    • article or chapter title
    • year of publication
    • volume, issue, and page numbers
    • author(s)
    • DOI
  5. Specify 'Urgent' or 'Non-urgent'. See Charges.

Conditions of service

  • RCH Library will make all reasonable efforts to supply the requested item but cannot guarantee supply. If the requested item cannot be located you will be notified and no charge will be applied.
  • There is no guaranteed delivery time. Reasonable efforts will be made to send the requested item to you as soon as possible. This may vary from 1 to 4 days.
  • Requests with incomplete or missing information will result in delivery delays or nonfulfilment. Please provide all required information as detailed above, and provide as much information about the requested item as possible.