Refund policy

Campus staff and students may request a refund when funds have been deducted from your account but the job has not copied or printed correctly.

Photocopying and printing

How to request a refund

During business hours you can speak to Library staff personally about your failed print/copy job.

  1. Log in to your Library printing account (on-site at RCH only)
  2. Go to Recent Print Jobs
  3. Locate the job you wish to have refunded and select 'request refund'.

Partial or full refunds may be requested. It is mandatory to include a reason for the refund in your request.

You will receive a response from us within 3 working days. Contact the Library for more information.


If you are unable to attend a Training session which you have booked and paid for you will receive credit for another session in lieu of the missed session. Contact the Library if you cannot or do not wish to attend a substitute session and prefer a refund.

Document Delivery services

No refunds will be issued for Document Delivery fees related to supplied documents or borrowed items.

Lost or damaged Library items

If a Library item is lost you will be charged the replacement cost plus an admin fee. No refunds are given if a lost item that has been paid for is subsequently found, however you may keep the item.

A damanged Library item may incur a small fee for repairs, or replacement cost if it is deemed beyond repair.

Other charges

Refunds for other charges will be considered on request. Contact the Library.